Why do I need surge protection for my EV charger?

Surge Protection Devices are designed to protect your electrical system from power surges or overload.

These surges are caused by either motors or transformers within an electrical item, or natural causes like lightening strikes.

From 28th September 2022, new regulations in the industry require us to offer all customers Surge Protective Devices (SPD) as part of a new EV charge point installation.  It is also worth noting that these can also be retrofitted to existing installations.

The main risks of non-installation of an SPD:

  • Overvoltage could result in serious injury or loss of life.
  • Damage to the EV charger which may affect the warranty. Many manufacturers won’t honour the warranty if a customer opts out and has a surge which then affects the functionality of the EV charger 
  • Damage to the electric vehicle itself and again, the vehicle’s warranty may be affected.
  • Damage to the electrical installation and wiring. This could be costly to repair and may not be covered by your home insurance.

All of the above can be costly and frustrating to put right so for the sake of £35 + vat, it is recommended that customers include this as part of their installation. 

We liken it to buying a brand new expensive phone, then not buying a decent case for it and risking a cracked screen. Is it worth the risk?

We can still install your EV charger without the SPD, all we would ask is that you sign a waiver that you have understood the risks. 

If you decide to proceed with another installer or electrician, please ensure they are fully qualified to install EV charge points and if they don’t mention SPDs, they are not working to current regulations and are potentially putting you at risk.

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