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Are you an SME looking for a turnkey solution to power your electric fleet? With generous government grants available providing savings of up to £15,000, now is a great time to install EV charging facilities at your workplace, and installing anything from a single charger to an entire car park can help future proof your premises and improve your Carbon footprint.

From lockable, chargeable pay-as-you-go, we also offer ‘smart’ technology with back-office management and the ability to set tariffs so you can charge people to use your EV chargers and earn revenue whilst the chargers are in use.

Our in-depth knowledge of the electric vehicle industry means we will work with you to understand your vehicles, their charging requirements and turnaround times, and we will design an EV charging solution with your business and your fleet in mind.  We will project manage as little or as much of the job as you require and will work with your procurement team to ensure the right solution for your needs and budget.

Our professional team of EV charge point engineers is well versed in complex electrical installations, and we have installed thousands of chargers for both domestic and commercial clients.

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Grant funding

Do you have 5 or more parking bays at your premises? You could save £850 per bay up to £15,000. For smaller installations, you can claim £350 off per charger by simply applying for a voucher code. This includes those running a business from their home address, provided it is registered with HMRC.

Apply for these generous Government grants before it’s too late – they are finishing in March 2024.

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Rolec Charger Range

The Rolec range of EV chargers is suitable for car parks, workplaces, development sites, public locations.

Rolec EV chargers offer full OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) back-office solution that works with all brands of OCPP compliant chargers. This protocol allows charge points (hardware) and charge point software to talk to each other. A major advantage of OCPP is that you’re not locked into one vendor/software provider for the life of the product. OCPP allows you to mix and match EV charging points and software from different providers.

All of the Rolec pedestal chargers offer the following features:

  • Plug & charge, mobile app or RFID controlled charging
  • Choose from 1x or 2x universal charging socket(s)
  • 7.4kW or 22kW superfast charging options
  • Complete fleet management solution
  • Surface or root mountable
  • Corporate branding and colour options available
  • OZEV grant fundable
  • Smart-charging and access to smartphone app and cloud
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • Save up to £850 per parking bay with an infrastructure and WCS grant
commercial charger

Sevadis Electric Vehicle Chargers

Sevadis EV chargers are robust and aesthetically, designed specifically to provide a vehicle charging solution that will future-proof your commercial premises or car park, with software for full control of any size of commercial EV charging network.

Sevadis electric car charging for commercial use

Sevadis MaxiCharge Electric Vehicle Chargers for commercial installations and destination charging such as car parks.
  • Ideal commercial applications and destination charging
  • Revenue opportunities from charging with pay to use feature
  • Fully customizable with corporate branding available

  • Available with charging speeds 7kW up to 22kW
  • Built in eSIM of WiFi, Etherenet or Bluetooth connection
  • Wall mounted, post mounted or pedestal version
  • 1 way, 2 way, 3 way and 4 way options for commercial solutions
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Smart app
  • Can be branded with corporate logo
commercial charger

Myenergi Zappi

Zappi chargers are a great choice for smaller businesses or those running a business from home, especially for properties already have or are considering solar photovoltaic panels. Suitable for car parks, workplaces and domestic use.

  • 7.4kW or 22kW superfast charging options
  • Solar compatible or works from the grid
  • Universal socket or type 2 tethered cable in 6.5m length
  • Available in black or white
  • Wall or pedestal mount
  • Paired with the myenergi app, you can set timers to utilise economy tariffs, use the boost function and monitor your devices,
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
Zappi Commercial EV Charger

commercial charger

Easee Charge EV chargers

The Easee One and Easee Charge EV chargers are a great choice for commercial premises, apartment blocks or car parks requiring multiple chargers thanks to features that include an automatic queuing system. Easee chargers can either be wall mounted or post mounted with up to 4 chargers on a post. Untethered as standard, these chargers can be converted to tethered units at the click of a button with the Easee cable locking mechanism.

EV features at a glance:

  • Available with charging speeds of 7kW or 22kW
  • Built in eSIM with free lifetime subscription and possibility of WiFi connection
  • Permanent locking of type 2 cable (cable not included)
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Smart app
  • Great for use in business premises and apartment buildings or where multiple chargers are required thanks to the automatic queuing system
  • Black as standard with interchangeable front covers available in white, anthracite grey, red or blue Dimensions H: 256m x W: 193mm x D: 106mm

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Evec EV Pedestal Charger

The Evec is the UKs most affordable EV pedestal charger and has fast charging speeds of up to 22kW. The Evec is easy to use and has features such as an LED light for convenient use. These chargers are ideally suited to public spaces.

  • Available to customise with company branding
  • Provides superfast charging facilities
  • Suitable for all public charging
  • Available with charging speeds 7kW up to 22kW
  • Fully compatible with all EV’s
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Smart app
  • Can be branded with corporate logo

commercial charging for:
House Builders

New legislation introduced in June 2022 (Part S Regulations) states that all new homes with off-street parking, as well as those undergoing major renovation, have to make provisions for EV charging for residents. This ties in with the government’s directive to make EV charge points more available ahead of the 2030 UK ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles.

  • All new homes with linked parking have to have an EV charge point. This includes properties created from a change of use.
  • Any residential buildings with more than 10 parking spaces that are undergoing a major renovation must have at least one EV charge point for every home that has  linked parking. There must also be cable routes in all spaces without charge points.
  • For new non-residential buildings, or those undergoing major renovation, and with more than 10 parking spaces, have to have at least one charge point plus cable routes for 20% of the total number of spaces.

The Part S regulations also state that all new private EV chargers have to be ‘smart’. This is to allow vehicles to be charged during off-peak hours, or when electricity demand is low so as to lessen the impact on the grid.

commercial charging for:

The EV chargepoint grant for landlords gives financial support to landlords and other entities to buy and install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints at residential or commercial properties.

To access the grant, a landlord must first register. The grant provides funding towards the cost of buying and installing EV chargepoints. Chargepoints may be able to charge one or more vehicles simultaneously, depending on the number of sockets they have. The grant amount given is per chargepoint socket installed. It provides up to 75% of the cost towards the purchase and installation of a chargepoint socket, limited to £350 per grant.

Landlords can receive up to 200 grants a year for residential properties, and a further 100 for commercial properties. These may be across a number of properties and installations or just for one property.

You are considered a landlord and may apply for this grant if you are one of the following:

  • landlord of a property that lets the property
  • right to manage (RTM) company
  • companies owning the freehold of a leased or rented property
  • companies owning a building’s common areas. The company may comprise shareholders who are the leaseholders. The company may also manage the building
  • private registered providers of social housing (PRP)
  • public authorities, such as government departments and their agencies, the armed forces, local governments, the NHS and emergency services
  • charities
commerical FAQ's
What is the Workplace Charging Scheme grant? (WCS)

The Workplace Charging Scheme or WCS, is a voucher-based scheme designed to provide eligible applicants with support towards the costs of the purchase and installation of EV charge points. Contributions are limited to 75% of purchase and installation costs, up to a maximum of £350 for each socket, up to a maximum of 40 across all sites for each applicant.

You can apply for the scheme using the online application portal. If your eligibility check is successful, you will be issued a unique identification voucher code via email which you then pass to us prior to the installation date.

WCS vouchers are valid for four months, therefore installation must be completed within this time.  Vouchers will be issued confirming eligibility, but please be aware that until you receive a unique identification voucher code, there is no guarantee that you will receive the grant

Can a charger be installed from a plug socket?

No, EV chargers draw a lot of power so need to be installed either from your main consumer unit, secondary consumer unit if suitable, or fed directly from your metered supply.

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