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We are here to give you the best EV and solar supply and installation experience. And we will look after you every step of the way. Before installation, we’ll make sure your home or premises are suitable for installation and will keep you in the loop about your fitting date and expectations. During installation, our engineer will demonstrate how your new EV charger point or solar system works, as well as connecting to associated apps.  

However, occasionally there may be teething troubles post installation. If you are unsure of anything, have questions or if something isn’t working as you think it should, we are at the end of the phone. Alternatively, you can contact the Support Team associated with your EV charge point for things like apps, scheduling, interruptions to charge and other issues.

Our domestic EV chargers come with a free 3-year parts and labour warranty. Workplace and commercial chargers carry a 1-year warranty and solar systems and battery storage come with a 15-year warranty. 

We also offer service and maintenance packages and extended warranties for both domestic and commercial charging products. Like a car, EV charge points need servicing to ensure they continue to work correctly. This gives you added peace of mind, especially as chargers tend to be used on a regular basis and need to be in excellent working order.   Find out more about our Servicing and Maintenance packages.

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