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Our FAQ's
If I have two chargers, can I use both at once?

This depends on various factors. You would need to ensure your supply is adequate for two chargers so a minimum 100A. Also it would depend on whether the chargers have load management clamps applied which would monitor your supply and ensure that the chargers don’t overload. In essence, the power to the cars would be halved via the clamp.

What makes a dedicated EV charge point installation company different?

The engineers will have completed specific training for installation of EV charge points, both for single phase and 3-phase supplies.  The company should be approved by OZEV and will be accredited by a governing body such as NICEIC which means they will undergo regular auditing and annual checks for competency, and to ensure all regulations are adhered to.

A dedicated installation company will also have built up relationships with manufacturers and will have had training on specific products to be able to carry out installations, maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning and also to demonstrate the workings of the charger and app.

Can I claim the OZEV grant on a second hand vehicle

The answer is yes, provided the vehicle is on the eligible vehicles list and you meet other criteria for the grant.

What type of EV charge point do I need?

We offer a wide range of products, but for charging your electric vehicle at home, there are two main options and these are tethered or untethered charge points. Both do the same job in terms of efficiency, they just work in a slightly different way.

  • A tethered unit has a 5m or 7.5m cable attached as standard so you plug from the unit into your car, much like using the pumps at the filling station. You will need either a type 1 or type 2 tethered unit, depending on the make of vehicle.
  • An untethered or universal unit comes without a cable so it is suitable for all makes and model of electric and plug-in hybrid on the road. For this option you use a type 1 or type 2 public charging lead depending on your vehicle.
How soon can my EV charge point be installed?

Our lead time is usually 1-2 weeks from receiving your enquiry and you approving our quote.

Before installing an electric vehicle charging point, we will ask you for a selection of photos so we can conduct a remote survey of your electrical supply and off street parking arrangement. This involves checking the consumer unit and incoming supply are adequate with capacity for an electric vehicle charge point. We will also check your property’s maximum load demand and in some cases, you may be required to ask your utility provider for a meter tail exchange or upgrade. Don’t worry, we can talk you through the process. If we require further details or if the installation is vey complicated, we may arrange for one of our engineers to carry out a more detailed site survey of your property, this is free of charge.

Can a charger be installed from a plug socket?

No, EV chargers draw a lot of power so need to be installed either from your main consumer unit, secondary consumer unit if suitable, or fed directly from your metered supply.

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