Happy birthday to us!

It’s time to celebrate because we are officially 10 years old!  

So where did it all begin? The business was originally established as a small firm of domestic and commercial electricians back in 2014 by Managing Director and qualified electrician, Jonathan Reilly and work consisted mainly of rewires, fuseboard upgrades, testing and inspection and EICRs.  

However, it was during the Live South event in 2016 where one of the speakers was presenting about EV charging that Jonathan had what he describes as a ‘lightbulb moment’ and from then on, the business changed direction. With training and new qualifications in place, 2017 saw the focus of the business shift to purely electric vehicle charging point installations. This venture soon took off due to a rise in demand and we registered with OZEV  (then OLEV) to be able to offer grants, which back then, were a generous £500 off for homeowners with a driveway or garage, and £500 off for small businesses.

Since then, we have installed well over 15,000 domestic and commercial EV chargers all over Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex, Surrey and London and we have seen the industry change rapidly and significantly over the years. We have witnessed technology improve from ‘dumb chargers’ that required every step being completed manually to start and stop the charge, to EV chargers that are now being controlled via an app and having various other features such as solar compatibility, energy tariff integration and earning revenue through monetisation. The improvements in public charging have also been phenomenal and whilst many will argue that the UK isn’t quite there yet, it is certainly much easier to plan a long journey in an EV than it was when we started out and will only get better as more and more drives make the switch.

With over 7 years of experience within the EV industry, we have seen many highs and lows. At the peak of the OZEV grant for homeowners, we were installing around 80 charge points per week for residential customers.

We have an excellent understanding of the electric vehicle chargers available on the market and we work closely and partner with many of the UK’s leading manufacturers to offer reliable chargers for homes and businesses. Over the years we have installed for office premises, commercial and industrial units, hospitality sector, and now we are embarking on some large-scale projects for schools. All of these have been project managed from start to finish with recommendations and advice given along the way.

Our core belief is offering the highest level of customer service that we can from initial enquiry right through to after sales service and beyond and we will continue to do so.

Happy birthday to us!
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