Why should your business switch to an EV fleet?

Why switch to an EV fleet? It's simple- save money!

Electric vehicles are inexpensive to run compared to diesel and petrol cars. With fuel prices increasing rapidly, EVs are relatively cheap to run, especially as they have lower service and maintenance costs. So, why not make the switch and save some money?

Picture the scene. You have several employees who travel around for work covering huge distances and each month you have to pay their fuel expenses. This can be a hefty operating expense but with an electric fleet, you can dramatically reduce this cost. Even with EV charging facilities installed at your business to support your employees, electric vehicles can be charged up for around £30 ready for their next meeting. Alternatively, if your building receives visitors, why not use the charging facilities as a revenue opportunity by monetising them.

You can also offer employees a salary sacrifices for Electric Vehicles. This provides a great incentive for employees to get an Electric Vehicle and will encourage a lower staff turnover. Salary sacrifice scheme enables your employees to drive an EV without having to pay a huge cost upfront to make the switch, giving them a cost-effective option.  

However, if this isn’t convincing enough for you there is many other reasons such as your business having improved sustainability and carbon footprint will provide a better face for your business and this is the prime time to get your installation done with government grant for the Workplace charging scheme.

We can offer a large variety of chargers that can be selected to meet your business individualised needs including price point, features and number of chargers required. We can provide as many or as few chargers as you require, and we are happy to return to site when your business is ready to expand their EV Fleet charging requirements. Why not start with one or two and expand to however many you need later.

If this is of any interest of you feel free to contact us to install chargers at home or at workplaces and begin to futureproof your business today with an EV fleet.

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