Focus on the Andersen A2 electric vehicle charger

The Andersen A2 is a premium EV Charger with charging speeds of 7kW or 22kW that uses the highest quality materials to create a stunning EV charge point.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes, it is beautifully designed to be aesthetically pleasing.  It is also fitted with inbuilt brushes clean cable after every use. Another premium feature is the interior lighting provided to make it more convenient for night-time use. The Andersen uses Bluetooth connectivity and is controlled by a smartphone app to all ow you to effectively manage your EV charge point. The Andersen use a type two connector that is fitted with a hidden plug compartment and has multiple cable lengths available 5.5.m, 8.5m and 6.5.

What’s the process of getting an Andersen?

As soon as we receive an enquiry we will contact you asking for a selection of photos that we can use to conduct a remote survey. These can either be sent to us by email or WhatsApp. This will include pictures of your electrical supply, meter, and parking arrangement. If necessary further details will be requested, for example, you may be asked for more information on the cable route if it is slightly complex. Once the remote survey has been completed a quote will be sent out for supply and installation of an electric car charger for home. Our price will also include a surge protection device and 3-year parts and labour warranty. At this stage if you are eligible to receive the OZEV or WCS grant we will help you to apply. On acceptance of the quote we will then contact you to arrange a convenient date for installation. Once installed the engineer will demonstrate how to use the charger and answer any questions you may have.  Going back a step, if you are unable to provide photographs or if your installation is particularly complex, we may offer to arrange a free site survey.

The whole process from enquiry to installation takes approximately 1-2 weeks and we aim to make it as painless and hassle free as possible!

Can my electrician install an Andersen?

No, generally speaking your electrician shouldn’t install your EV charge point. As much as a qualified electrician will be trained, they may not have completed the specific training course for EV Charge point installers which enables them to meet current regulations and follow the correct Code of Practice for EV charge point equipment installations. The warranty may also become invalidated if a charger is not installed by a manufacturer approved installer. Our installers are all fully qualified and approved by OZEV (Office for low emission vehicles) to offer the grant for eligible customers. To find out more about the installation process visit our website and look under support.

What are the Andersen dimensions?

The Andersen A2 measure 494mm x W: 348mm x D: 148mm

Where do we install?

As independent electric car charging points specialists, we install throughout the whole of the South-East and London including Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Greater London and Inner London.

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Andersen A2 Electric Vehicle Charger
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October 26, 2023

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