Electric car charge point for a customer in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

A charger compatible with Octopus energy tariffs.

He needed a 7.2kW EV charger that would integrate with Octopus Energy to provide tariff tracking and energy savings.

The Solution: 

The Ohme Home Pro chooses the cheapest electricity available and can be easily controlled by the mobile app. We were able to install within a week and despite it being a complex installation with the incoming supply and meter being located in the middle of the house, our engineer was able to hide all cables under the floor to provide a seamless finish.

The Product:

The Ohme Home Pro is available with a type 2 tethered 5m or 8m charging cable attached

Some words from the client:
"I was apprehensive about having a home charger installed because I knew it would be a non standard installation. HCCS handled everything with a very professional approach and the engineer on site overcame all the minor technical issues with a knowledgeable and can do attitude. The office back-up team demonstrated a customer caring attitude to all my questions."

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