OZEV Grant Funding

OZEV Grant Funding

EV Chargepoint Grant for flat owner-occupiers and people living in rented properties

This scheme replaces the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and is open to:

  • Homeowners who live in flats
  • People in rental accommodation (flats and single-use properties)
How to qualify

You may qualify for the EV Chargepoint Grant if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a homeowner who lives in a flat
  • You live in rental accommodation (flats and single-use properties)
Vehicle requirements

If you meet the above criteria, you must also be eligible to access the grant:

  • individuals who become registered keepers of a new or second-hand eligible electric vehicle – note that the registered keeper is not necessarily the owner of a vehicle, but the person responsible for the car that pays for road tax and MOT
  • individuals who are assigned a company car for at least 6 months
  • individuals who lease an eligible vehicle for at least 6 months
  • individuals who lease an eligible electric vehicle through a salary sacrifice scheme
  • individuals who are named, by their employer, as the primary user of an eligible electric vehicle for at least 6 months
  • individuals who have ordered an eligible electric vehicle

The grant offers up to £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing an electric vehicle charge point. Customers will no longer be able to claim for 2 chargepoints if they own a second electric vehicle.

EV Chargepoint Grant for landlords

The EV chargepoint grant for landlords gives financial support to landlords and other entities to buy and install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints at residential or commercial properties.

To access the grant, a landlord must first register. The grant provides funding towards the cost of buying and installing EV chargepoints. Chargepoints may be able to charge one or more vehicles simultaneously, depending on the number of sockets they have. The grant amount given is per chargepoint socket installed. It provides up to 75% of the cost towards the purchase and installation of a chargepoint socket, limited to £350 per grant.

Landlords can receive up to 200 grants a year for residential properties, and a further 100 for commercial properties. These may be across a number of properties and installations or just for one property.

You are considered a landlord and may apply for this grant if you are one of the following:

  • landlord of a property that lets the property
  • right to manage (RTM) company
  • companies owning the freehold of a leased or rented property
  • companies owning a building’s common areas. The company may comprise shareholders who are the leaseholders. The company may also manage the building
  • private registered providers of social housing (PRP)
  • public authorities, such as government departments and their agencies, the armed forces, local governments, the NHS and emergency services
  • charities

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

More and more people are switching over to electric vehicles so what better time to consider future proofing and offering electric vehicle charging facilities to your customers, staff, guests and visitors.  To make it more affordable for small companies, charities, small accommodation businesses* may be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme grant.

Summary of the Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS)

WCS is a voucher-based scheme designed to provide eligible businesses with help towards the costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge points. Contributions are limited to 75% of purchase and installation costs, up to a maximum of £350 for each socket.  You can apply for up to a maximum of 40 across all sites for each applicant.

You can apply for the scheme using the online application portal. If your eligibility check is successful, you will be issued a unique identification voucher code via email which you then pass to us prior to the installation date.

WCS vouchers are valid for four months, therefore installation must be completed within this time.  Vouchers will be issued confirming eligibility, but please be aware that until you receive a unique identification voucher code, there is no guarantee that you will receive the grant. You can speak to us if you are unsure of any of the above, we are always happy to help!

Take a look at the products available for workplace installation.

* Small accommodation businesses are categorised as having 249 staff or less. This includes:

  • hotels and similar accommodation
  • holiday and other short-stay accommodation
  • camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks

Get in touch for more information on either of these schemes. Terms and conditions apply


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