EV Charging Points For Work

Electric Vehicle Charging for the Workplace

With more people switching to electric and hybrid vehicles, now is the time to consider future proofing your business premises. Our EV charge points not only look smart, but offering charging facilities to staff, clients and visitors is a great benefit, and a fantastic selling point for industries such as the hospitality sector.

What’s more, you may be able to claim the Workplace Charging Scheme grant funding which provides a saving of £350 per socket, up to 40 sockets per company.

Future proofing your business

Future-proof your business by providing electric vehicle charging points for employees, customers, visitors and fleet vehicles. Whether you run a small business or work for a large corporation, we offer a range of EV charging products to suit all needs. From lockable, chargeable pay-as-you-go, token systems, we also offer ‘smart’ technology with back office management and ChargeOnline facilities.

Electric vehicle charging points for the workplace

Pod Point Workplace Chargers

The Solo Smart Charger is an ideal solution for companies with one or two electric vehicles on the fleet. Available up to 22kW,  these are available as universal sockets or tethered chargers. The Smart Reporting platform allows employers to set tariffs for usage of the chargers, control access to the charge points and set user groups such as staff, visitors or fleet vehicles.

The Pod Point Twin Charger is a dual Type 2-socketed vehicle charger suitable for commercial and public installations. WiFi and 3G/4G enabled charger has smart reporting and is Pod Point Network enabled.

Available for both single & 3-phase electrical supplies and is compliant with a pay-as-you-go charging system for drivers. Specific models of the Twin Charger are RFID enabled, making them dual authenticating chargers.

EV Fleet Charging

If you are one of many businesses building a fleet of electric vehicles, the EO Genius is an ideal solution for small to large fleets, designed by EO Charging.   Network up to 32 EV charge points via the EO Hub

and the best part is that businesses can save £350 per charger with the Workplace Charging Scheme grant. The bespoke system provides a future-proof smart charging system for the forward thinking fleet manager and commercial EV driver.  With charging power up to 22kW, the charge points are combined with EO Cloud software and built-in fleet management.

EO charging EO Cloud

EO Genius features at a glance

  • Save £350 per charge point with a WCS grant
  • Power Ratings: Single Phase up to 7.2kW / Three phase up to 22kW
  • Universal socket or tethered
  • Add the EO Hub to unlock smart-charging and access to our smartphone app and cloud
  • White as standard
  • Wall or post mounted with EO post
  • RFID compatible
  • EO App smartphone integration via EO Cloud
  • Dimensions: h: 360mm x w: 165mm x d: 155mm

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