Rolec WallpodEV Homesmart

Rolec Wallpod:EV Homesmart

We have been installing Rolec electric vehicle charge points for several years and now, the next generation of charging is here with the latest in smart home charging technology.  Qualifying installs can save £500 with OLEV and include a free 3-year parts and labour warranty.

Rolec EV HomeSmart

Rolec Wallpod:EV Homesmart features at a glance

  • Save £500 off the cost with an OLEV grant
  • Prices start at £295*
  • Smart charging (see smart features)
  • Available with charging speeds of 3.6kW or 7.2kW
  • Built-in Modem and roaming sim
  • Built-in GPRS communication antenna
  • IP65 Weatherproof & UV Stabilised
  • Built-in LED charging status indicator
  • Compatible with all plug-in vehicles
  • Available with a universal socket or tethered Type 1 / Type 2 connector

Rolec EV Homesmart universal socket









Rolec EV Homesmart tethered unit

*Price includes VAT, standard installation and is subject to OLEV eligibility

For technical information, see the Rolec Wallpod:EV Homesmart datasheet information

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