The benefits of installing EV chargers

The EV market is accelerating as the net zero date approaches.

Drivers are making the switch either through purchasing an electric car new or second hand, personal leasing, fleet leasing, personal contract, salary sacrifice and as demand grows, a larger percentage of those driving to your business may drive an electric vehicle and having the option to charge is an advantage.

Staff retention and salary sacrifice

You may already be offering a salary sacrifice scheme to enable your employees to make significant savings when they switch to an electric car.  This is a great incentive for your employees and can increase your staff retention rates. Not only that, but with such savings on their tax and personal benefits, you are providing an opportunity to make the switch to electric where previously it may have been unaffordable. 

Charging facilities for all different businesses and industries

EV charging facilities will benefit any type of business, whether it be an office block, industrial unit, retail premises, hotel or bar, and when these types of facilities are provided, they will increase satisfaction rates from any individuals visiting for example employees, visitors and customers. 

Evidence suggests that hotels/B&Bs/campsites that offer EV charging attract more guests because providing hassle free charging means they are more likely to be repeat customers or recommend your establishment. The same applies to venues offering weddings, conferences and other functions which involve a stay of several hours. 

Monetise your chargers

Having access to EV charging ensures those travelling to your location have the reassurance that they can ‘refuel’ their EV on arrival. If your business premises/carpark is open to the public, charging doesn’t have to only be limited to your employees, and allowing public use will create a potential revenue stream for your business to payback for the initial outlay.

Improve your ESG score

With more and more companies measuring the impact of and investing in improving their ESG performance (Environmental, Social and Governance), setting achievable goals for improvement such as switching to an electric fleet and investing in solar panels can hold considerable weight in generating positive ESG scores which can be aligned with the organisation's overall business strategy.

Where do we fit in?

With many years in the EV charging industry, our team has a wealth of knowledge. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and since there are so many options out there, we will find the right one for you. 

With free on-site consultation for both domestic and commercial customers, we will provide advice and recommendations on the best solutions to fit your requirements, with a comprehensive service that includes:

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