EV chargers for former vicarage in Milton Keynes


Following a site consultation with Papayyah Developments ltd, we recently installed 3 iCS EV chargers at Five Acres in Simpson Village, Milton Keynes. The site was formerly the Vicarage of St Thomas’s Church and was later converted into a care home for patients with dementia before closing in 2017. It was then granted Planning Permission to be converted into a 28 flat HMO with high quality accommodation to meet the growing demand for specialist housing. The building was vacant for several years and was the subject of various anti-social behaviours including break-ins so the new development is a welcome addition to the village of Simpson.

EV chargers for former vicarage in Milton Keynes

The Solution:

We fitted three iCS 7kW EV Chargers at the location, however we also installed the infrastructure to add further chargers for futureproofing purposes in preparation for a higher demand for chargers as the need arises. We specified iCS chargers as they meet the site’s requirements for wall-mounted EV chargers that are in line with their budget.  The chargers are paired with the iCS 2.0 intelligent back-office software to enable the site owners to have control over the chargers’ usage as well as increase the maximum number and speed of charging without upgrading infrastructure.

We were able claim the infrastructure grant for the works so our client could benefit from a generous saving. Find out more about the grants that are available for domestic and commercial EV charger point installations.

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